Monday, August 3, 2009

Coincidences or Not

A few summers ago I was vacationing in the Pacific Northwest. While rummaging through a vintage store in a small coastal town, I found some old decanter bottles with ornate medallions that said what they were. I think there was vodka and gin. No bourbon. The proprietor said he could make one into a bracelet for me. I picked gin even though it wasn't my drink at the time. It had sharp edges, so it doesn't really make that great of a bracelet and certainly not for tending, but lately I'm wondering if that object was perhaps a sign from my future self, a small glimpse of who I would become. After all, most of my favorite classic cocktails involve gin---something with raspberries from The Campbell Apartment, and the bittered gin sling and the amazing cucumber limeade with Hendricks gin from Tom and Jerry's. And this blog and my dream bar...

And here's the newest creation with gin---

all equal parts:
pomegranate juice
fresh lime juice
simple syrup
and a splash of soda water. 

On the rocks. 

I'm still thinking up the name for this little number so for now, cheers, from Ms. Gin.