Sunday, September 13, 2009

Off and On

For a while, I thought I was done with this blog---perhaps in the way that you drink something and then all the sudden, you've moved on to the next thing. I think of my progression from Jack Daniels to Woodford Reserve. Or perhaps my more recent switch from a single malt replacing said Bourbon.

Or maybe it's the bars that change. In college, the cheap beer and dance clubs to my now preference to bar with classic cocktails and a place to sit down---and a big cheers to my regulars P & A who introduced A and I to Beekman Bar and Books last night. Best Old Fashioned I ever had!

And so I'm back here (more sporadically) blogging when a thought arises. Last night was one of my favorite nights working (lots of regulars) and interesting new hotel guests. May have even cultivated an audience for my upcoming poetry reading in Detroit. One of my standard questions begins with where are you from and to get people talking about home. How much we all want to connect and how a bar can be that place. To get folks talking, to ease them into conversation with a stranger, how much we all want to be heard. 

And so find me here every now and again---with insights and tips and random musings about tending.