Monday, June 29, 2009

Fette Sau!

Since reading and article in Edible Brooklyn in the fall, my beau, Mr. Gin (or last night, Mr. Beer) has been wanting to go to Fette Sau. Since we were in Billyburg, we thought maybe this was the night, and then after walking around, we found it right away, not even needing to look it up on our evil-i's.

As a vegetarian, I went for the bourbon selection, hoping there would be enough side items to satisfy my hunger as well as my thirst. Last night ended up being 1 for 2. Though I did notice a lot of the mom's brought tupper-ware full of kid food (mac and cheese, apples, cheerios), so next time, I'll be stashing some fake meat in my purse so I can have my bourbon and eat my meat too!

However, the drinking was prime. I found a new bourbon I liked and for only $6 a glass! It's called 80 Strong and with a picture of a kick ass lady on the bottle, what bourbon-loving gal wouldn't support this brand?! It's not as vanilla-y or maple-y as Woodford, but the bite is soft and sweet. And what guy doesn't want to drink his beer out of a mason jar?!

And the bar at Fette Sau uses those perfect gigantic squares of ice and has little eye-droppers of water so you can perfect the right balance of bourbon and water. It's quite a delicate one, like relationships. You have to keep talking and toasting and trying new things, finding familiar and new territory simultaneously. 

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