Monday, April 20, 2009

Connection and Cosmos

Though I'm not a fan of the drink myself, it's spring and everyone wants a Cosmo. Think Pink , think love and blossoms. The flowering trees on Park Ave. The tourists who are still all about Sex in the City, the I'm cool in my heels and I want a drink that looks pretty in my hands mentality. So if you have to make them, make them well. The trick is more lime, less cranberry. And the Cosmo's cousin, the Apple-tini is also making a comeback with my bar patrons---I remember when my father first made one for me, just vodka and apple pucker. Though I'm not a fan, if you add some fresh lemon, lime, and sour, it balances out the jolly rancher like quality.

I'm in the middle of 9 days in a row of tending (with yesterday off, so three more in a row to go). I thought I would be much more stressed, but what I'm realizing is the part of my job I love most is getting to know people. Sometimes I almost feel as if I'm at the bar, rather than working there---a sort of Park Ave. Cheers type of deal. However, I don't think I'd get to know as much or be part of as much if I were a patron (or get to walk away from what I don't really want to be part of).

On Saturday I opened early for a wedding party pre-gaming; later in the evening a couple came in celebrating their one year anniversary. Earlier in the week I got a good view of a heavy make-out session at the bar. (an aside, perhaps try finding a secluded corner, but hey, we all know what alcohol can do). It's spring and it's love. Lots of dates happening. A few weeks ago, I watched a man have two different dates at the bar (and he flirted with me in between, leaving his number on his tab at the end). As if! I'm tossing a virtual cosmo in his face!

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