Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Experiment

My father used to keep his vodka in the freezer. My absolute favorites were the Van Gogh Chocolate and Espresso ones. Good enough to drink by themselves. In fact, I think I use that standard to measure if the liquor is good---would I want to drink it by itself (or on the rocks). Most bourbons pass the test, a few small batch botanical gins (like Hendricks), some better rums, and the above vodkas. That being said, it's starting to finally warm up here and I just bought some retro popsicle makers and so I'm thinking of alcoholic versions. Something a little whimsical and wrong but in a good way. So the question is, how much mixer will get the mango vodka to get with the orange juice and do their magic. I'm off for vacation tomorrow and wondering if I'll come home to a freezer of fun or perhaps a bastard screwdriver...

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