Friday, April 17, 2009

Grain is Back!

In the great Passover battle, Chopin beats Ciroc as the non-grain based vodka that is "kosher." Next year, I promise to have a whole slew of Matzah friendly sippers! Last night, I had a bagel, a slice, and a cinnamon roll during my bar shift. The bourbon will wait until the weekend when I can really enjoy it and sit on the opposite side of the bar.

I'm in the middle of my 9 days in a row of tending to make up for time away. So far, not so bad, I've had some great conversations and wonderful and interesting patrons. One who brought out his guitar and had a sing-a-long, one who is an officer, one from Cleveland, one who has retired race horses, one who taught me the best way to make espresso martinis...

So here's the recipe---with my twist, substituting Starbuck's coffee liquor for Kahlua.

All equal parts: Stoli Vanilla, Espresso, Starbuck's coffee liquor (or Kahlua)
Shake with lots of ice (esp. if espresso is hot) 
Strain into martini glass
garnish with 3 coffee beans

Often people add Bailey's to this drink. I used to, just a hint, often adding half and half to cut it because something about creamy liquor puts me off.

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